Fred Rogers


Fred Rogers Bio:

“Be all that you can be.” The commercials tell you that the army can take you from zero to hero; make you better than what you are. That’s what Fred was looking for when he joined up. He was tired of his dead-end job and boring life. Fred had always believed that he was meant to do more with his life and the military seemed like just the thing to change his circumstance. He poured himself into the endeavor; standing out head and shoulder above his peers during training. His focus and determination garnered him an invitation to join Department 7. “Finally,” he thought, “a chance to make a real impact.”

Fred arrived for his first day at Department 7, full of excitement and anticipation. He had no sooner entered the building when a sharply dressed man in black called him over. “I have a question for you, Fred. Have you ever wanted to be more than you are? Stronger, faster, and just plain better? We can make that happen, Fred. We have a program that can make you all those things and more, if you’re willing.” Fred just smiled.

The next few months that passed were agonizing, but rewarding. Fred, along with the others in the program, we subjected daily injections and the harshest training imaginable. All manner of treatments and procedures were performed on their bodies and Fred could feel great changes taking shape deep within him.

One day, the man in black returned. “The time has come for the next stage in your development.” he said, “You will operate as Department 7 agents, attached to field units. Show us what you can do.” As he looked out at the super soldiers arrayed before him, the man in black was greeted with silence and piercing stares looking up at him with iron resolve. They were ready.

Fred Rogers

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